The Inspiration

On May 11, 2016, my 4-year-old grand-princess Alanna died in a tragic accident, enrolling our family into the school of grief; and starting our long journey to healing and wholeness.

I know firsthand the heartache of losing a child and the complication that comes with being a grieving grandparent and caregiver. I also know the struggle of searching for resources and support while on the journey of healing riddled with obstacles including ‘complicated grief’, moral injury and trauma, and I realized through my studies that others were experiencing the same struggles. Encouraged by mentors, I have taken my place as a guide to help others in my own unique way while they are also traveling this difficult path.

I’m damaged, not destroyed. I know grief, but I also know each person is their own grief journey expert, just some need a guide to help them travel well. It is my desire to be that guide. I see you, and I want you to know you don’t have to walk alone.

Professional Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Author & Chaplain

Bradley is a Professional Keynote Speaker, Trainer, award-winning Author and expert on grief recovery, moral injury, and vicarious trauma. Grieving Grandfather.

He works with caregiver and service associations providing tools to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout through self-care, allowing them to continue to serve well. For businesses, organizations, and churches he helps them create a safe landing space and continued care for those returning to their communities after a grief event. He serves grievers directly as well inspiring them with his message of Hope and Healing, and how to return to the ‘world’ (family, friends, work, etc) and remain productive in their post-grief-event state.