The Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Author

Keynote Speaker, Trainer, award-winning Author and expert on grief recovery, moral injury, and vicarious trauma. Certified coach and teacher with the John Maxwell Team and a founding member of the Your Secret Name team. Grieving Grandfather.

A highly sought-after and engaging personality with the perfect combination of truth-telling and whit to encourage audiences to move forward. With expertise derived from the unique perspective of one who has experienced compound loss, life experiences and research on the tough topics relating to spiritual issues and grief. Incorporating life experience and data-backed expertise into keynote addresses and training that move audiences to action. Simple, straightforward story-telling that resonates with audiences and leaves them empowered to conquer the areas of their lives that need attention.

The Inspiration

On May 11, 2016, my 4-year-old grand-princess Alanna died in a tragic accident, enrolling our family into the school of grief; and starting our long journey to healing and wholeness.

I know firsthand the heartache of losing a child and the complication that comes with being a grieving grandparent and caregiver. I also know the struggle of searching for resources and support while on the journey of healing riddled with obstacles including ‘complicated grief’, moral injury and trauma, and I realized through my studies that others were experiencing the same struggles. Encouraged by mentors to take my place as a guide to help others in my own unique way while they are also traveling this difficult path.

I’m damaged, not destroyed. I know grief, but I also know each person is their own grief journey expert, just some need a guide to help them travel well. It is my desire to be that guide. I see you, and I want you to know you don’t have to walk alone.