Every audience and event coordinator can count on a dynamic experience combining Bradley’s experiences as a trainer, keynote speaker, and coach. Bradley is committed to delivering specific, actionable ideas to facilitate healing and health in first-responder and caregiver conferences, grief support organizations, or state and regional meetings.

Need a speaker for your event?

I understand the challenge of finding just the right speaker for your event. I know the success of your event comes down to the quality of the speakers. If they do great, you look great and your attendees are well-served. If they are mediocre, it makes your job harder. If you need a speaker who can energize and encourage your audience and teach them practical material that they can use right away, I believe I’m the man for the job. My goal? To be the easiest speaker you’ve ever worked with.

…If your audience needs to serve people in their time of need…

…If they spend time in stressful and sometimes traumatic environments…

…And they want practical tools to self-care and healing so they can continue to serve at their highest capacity…

…then I just might be the speaker you’re looking for.

Keynote Presentations

I’m committed to delivering specific, actionable ideas to help audiences move forward in their healing.

If You Can Recognize Them, You Can Help Them
Personality Traits and Grief
What Grief Has Taught Me
The Lessons Needed To Help You Serve While Hurting
Mars, Venus & Grief Space
How Men and Women Handle Loss Differently


These skills-based trainings focus on integrating coaching to help improve awareness, facilitate healing and give leaders the tools to retain their key employees and teams.

Moral Injury and Vicarious Trauma Recovery
Recognize symptoms & perform self care
R.E.A.C.H.ing Forgiveness
Learn the 6 step process to forgive others— and yourself responsibly
Re|Entry: Grief in the Workplace
Create a culture of support for those returning to work