Failure to address the needs of grieving children can have short-term effects on their school performance and serious consequences later in life.

Schools can play a vital role in helping their students come to terms with losses and preparing them for life’s inevitable tragedies. Teachers, counselors, and other school personnel have considerable influence in the lives of these children, especially for those for whom school assumes the importance of family.

By introducing classroom lessons about grief and loss, and responding appropriately when a child has suffered a loss, school personnel can encourage open discussions and enable students to develop healthy coping skills. I show you how.

Participants leave with practical, supportive information for their classes (and self-care tools for themselves) to safely lean into the students they support trauma and grief and direct them towards wholeness and healing. And this is vital because when you grieve mindfully and mourn intentionally, you can be transformed beyond your grief to emerge stronger and happier.

My audiences include teachers, counselors, and other school personnel that interact with students. I also speak to organizations and schools that have experienced the death of an employee, student or have been impacted by a tragic event in their surrounding.

I serve you with:
• Keynote presentations
• Workshops and group training (in person and virtual)
• Consulting and program design

My Keynote and Workshop Topics

Delivering specific, actionable ideas to help audiences move forward in their healing.

When Death Impacts the School Community
Self Care for the Care Giver
Your Role As a Teacher During Grief
Need a trainer for your staff?
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