Barbara Rubel, MA, BCETS, CBS
Speaker, Trainer, Author
Improve your ability to handle burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma

Looking for a dynamic speaker or trainer for your conference or event that focuses on professional well-being? Barbara Rubel’s motivating program helps professionals manage life-loss balance by offering the FABULOUS program to manage job burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma.

Health care professionals, behavioral health professionals, and victim services providers learn how to apply their strengths to build their resilience. Barbara’s humorous and upbeat style offers a delightful composite of experience, research and practical application that promotes self-compassion and wellness in professionals.

Barbara is a professional speaker who speaks from personal experience. Her father, a retired NYC Police Officer, died by suicide while she was pregnant with triplets. Barbara is a leading authority and recognized author on life-loss balance.

Listen to Barbara’s FABULOUS Interview on Building Resilience

Speaker on Grief

Speaker – Author – Yogi…
Architect of Life After Loss
Paula is a Nationally Recognized Speaker on Grief
speaker on grief
Paula is nationally known as a speaker on grief. She speaks from her heart as only a bereaved parent can – with full transparency of what it’s like to lose a piece of your heart. Then with genuine compassion and kindness she elevates her audience into believing they too have the courage to embrace life and live again.
What do event organizers say about Paula’s speaking?
“Paula shares her spirit openly and resonates with her audience through her light-hearted yet deeply meaningful presentation style. She pulls you in, leaving you wanting more and brings a palpable realness to her work.”
~Jill Hallimi, Life Source Organ & Tissue Donation
What do people in the audience say?
“I went to one of her workshops where her message resonated so much with me that I was compelled to attend another one of her workshops. Paula gets it; she has lived through and is surviving grief after the loss of her son. Her thoughts, ideas and tips were great validators of what my wife and I were doing to navigate the grief associated with the loss of our son Jeff. Paula’s words made me feel okay with being sad but also okay with working hard to be happy again.” ~Greg J.
“Paula’s presentations on the tough subject of Grief and healing by learning to live with loss were surprisingly enlightening, uplifting and very encouraging. She is energetic and engaging as well as very knowledgeable on the subjects of grief and wellness training… and she speaks with “such style and grace!” I went into her workshops with no expectations and came out with so much enthusiasm and yes, even a positive outlook toward my grief journey. I very highly recommend Paula to anyone looking for an amazingly uplifting speaker!” ~Bobby M.

Her Signature Talks on Grief & Healing

The 5 Elements of Grief to Growth
The five elements became an Amazon best selling book after Paula reflected on the tools she used most in the first five years after losing her son.
“The 5 Elements of Grief to Growth” is an intimate retelling of her own grief journey that is punched up with empowered action steps that will become your audience’s guideposts for inspirational living after loss.
Paula shares a message about what it takes to truly live beyond the traditional stages of grief and lays out an easy to follow road map of what worked for her and how it will work for you as well.
This speech resonates well with any audience who has experienced a set back in life, desires empowerment to take the next step, or who will ever lose a loved one (which is all of us humans!).
Audiences will learn:
What it means to ‘let-go’ and what to keep
The empowered connections that propel us forward
How to not lose relationships with loved ones when we’re stuck in our grief
How we can re-wire our brains to see the good stuff that enriches our lives
Where loving ourselves fits in to the healing process
*This is perfect for a keynote, motivational and/or inspirational message to your audience

Give Your Grief A Seat at the Table
As Paula says in her book – You are more than your grief, always have been, always will be.
This presentation works really well as a keynote but can also be structured to have a workshop format that is interactive and allow people to take action and do the work in real time.
In this presentation your audience will….
Identify and personify their grief so they become familiar with how it’s manifesting in their life
Recognize parts of themselves they may have forgotten about, but are essential elements of who they are and their healing journey
Develop a positive, healthy and healing relationship with their grief that will encourage growth for years to come
Create a deeper understanding of how grief is preventing them from living a beautiful life

Other Presentations & Activities Paula Offers
Paula’s background in wellness, yoga and mindfulness allow her to explore, connect and create a healing message in a variety of ways. She uses this background to offer wellness related activities such as yoga and meditation.
Yoga for Grief: Healing Your Heart
A gentle, all levels, class that encourages us to use our bodies to heal our hearts! This class is often coupled with the ‘Give your Grief a Seat at the Table’ presentation to create a beautiful and healing half-day workshop.
Avoiding Secondary Losses to Quality of Life Through Self-Care
With a master’s degree in exercise physiology Paula pulls together the science of what happens to our bodies under the stress of grief then presents it in a way that we can all relate to and understand the value and importance of the mind/body connection. *This is a great breakout session for professionals who deal with bereaved populations, but also does well when shared directly with the bereaved.
Curious where she spoke in 2016?
Click HERE to see her 2016 schedule!

The thing about grief is that very few people ask for help

Engaging Students and Understanding Their World

How do you get the attention of students? Once you do, how do you keep it? Students in your school need to feel like they matter from the start at orientation until the end at graduation.

For nearly a decade, Blake lived and closely worked with thousands of students in a college setting. The conversations that happen in an office are valuable, but living in the same environment as students will teach you so much more. This keynote is filled with Blake’s lessons learned from his front line work with students. He shares strategies, systems and insights that will help any professional engage students when they first arrive and acknowledge them along the way.

People will walk away with strategies to implement actions of appreciation, recognition and thoughtfulness into the daily routines of students, staff and campus partners. Each idea will start a series of actions that let students and staff know how much they matter, essentially creating a more positive campus community for all of its members.

The “Engage and Acknowledge” Spectrum
Developing systems and tools to meaningfully and authentically interact with students
The 3 motivators for students and leveraging them to get the attention of students
Approaching work with the student in mind, at all times
500 Extra Hours: Generating extra hours in your work week, regardless of your role
Finding fascination (rather than frustration) in the student world
Saying thank you: Making others matter through the power of appreciation
Martin Chu-Morrison
“To those teachers who want to go to the staff room every time there is a speaker, do not do that with Blake. He will make you rediscover why you started teaching in thre first place.”
Martin Chu-Morrison
Preparing Parents For Their Child’s College Life (Parent Keynote)

Starting college or university is a massive transition for students AND their parents. This new time for students brings new questions for families.
“How much is tuition?”, “How much is residence?”, “Which program is ideal?”, “Which school is most safe?”, “Will my baby ever come back?”

Blake knows these questions exist because he worked with college freshmen for nearly a decade, as well as their parents.

In this session, Blake provides parents with reassurance and resources before they send their child to campus. He combines storytelling and case studies of what life is like for families transitioning out of high school and into university. Whether the child commutes to campus or flies overseas to get an education, this program is loaded with insights.

Blake highlights the real motivators for students, the common pieces to campus culture and the “challenging interactions” he has had with parents on campus. He presents ideas and action steps to successfully transition parents and students into the post-secondary world. Also, parents will leave this session with powerful conversation starters to spark dialogues with their kids before they head to campus.

The 3 Ps of Preparation to get ready for freshman year
Appreciative Communication: Communicating about the “tough stuff” before your child goes to campus
Getting the university/ college to help you help your child
The Support Spectrum: Supporting students, without stifling them
Trusting that your child will succeed in school
Before They Go: The 2 words that bring parents and kids closer before campus life begins
Anne Carey
“After the presentation, many parents told me how much more relaxed they flet about their sons & daughters entering the university phase of their lives.”
Anne Carey