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Leading Through Loss

Whether you’re supporting those in grief or navigating your own journey, this session provides a conduit towards leadership forged from the crucible of loss. Explore the personal narratives entwined with grief, overcoming hurdles, and growing into a leadership role amidst life’s adversities.

“This is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your heart for healing with us.” –Michelle

“Thank you Bradley! Such valuable and practical information.” –Edie

“This is great. Thank you so much. You have a gift and will help so many. Thanks for sharing.” –Lisa

For Those Walking with Grievers

– Re|Entry: Creating a Safe Landing Space for the Grieving

– Church Bereavement Ministry: Care Beyond the Funeral
– Advocating for grieving children

– Resiliency for Caregivers (self care and compassion fatigue)
– Crisis Care preparation

“You are doing fantastic work. Schools do not know how to adequately care for grieving children.” –Danny

“Thank you for helping me to not be uncomfortable with others tears!” –Sanders

“God grieves with us. Thank you! I needed that reminder.” –Dee

One-on-One Coaching

Dealing with loss is one of the toughest life experiences a person kind find themselves enduring. It can turn your life upside-down; with compound loss (of friends and relationships), lower productivity, loss of hope and happiness, despair… you get it. It’s not easy and sometimes you need help.

Although I am not a licensed counselor, I do understand loss and know the difficulties of being on this journey so few seem to understand (unless they have been there themselves). In my work as a Chaplain and Minister, I have served many that are facing life without their loved ones (or other losses) and I can say, “I understand”… two of the most painful words I have expressed since the death of my precious granddaughter.

It’s important for you to understand that YOU are the expert on YOUR grief, I am here to walk alongside you and give you insights on the journey to help you lean into your healing. Let’s move forward together.

I provide asynchronous coaching- coaching not tied to a schedule or when both of us are available to jump online or on the phone. You log in at your convenience and tell me what you’d like to address. I log in soon after with my input and help.

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