I understand that navigating grief is a deeply personal and unique experience. My grief coaching is tailored to provide compassionate support and guidance, helping you find your path towards healing and resilience.

Simple 4-Step Process

1. Choose your package: Your time with me is flexible and doesn’t expire — use it at your convenience. Payments are secure and upfront, ensuring a smooth start to our journey together.

2. Upon payment, you’ll receive a basic form to fill out. Your responses will help me understand your needs and focus areas.

3. Once I receive your form, I’ll send you a link to schedule your appointment at a time that works for you. All sessions are conducted over the phone or via Zoom for your convenience.

4. Focused Support in Every Session. Our time together is dedicated to addressing your most pressing grief-related issues.

I recognize the challenges and pain points that come with grief

Feeling Overwhelmed? I provide a space to process and manage overwhelming emotions.
Need Ongoing Support? My multi-session packages offer continuity and depth.
Worried About a Time Commitment? My sessions are designed to fit into your life, not overtake it.

Your Path, Your Pace

Take the first step towards healing and empowerment. Choose your package, and let’s start this journey together.