Keynote Presentations/Talks

What Grief Has Taught Me: Reflecting on the personal lessons, testimony and transformative insights gained through my journey of grief.

What Do You Do When God Says “NO”: A sermon presentation using the story of Job as a backdrop on coping with life’s disappointments and unanswered prayers, and finding faith and understanding in the midst of denial.

What My Grandchildren Have Taught Me About Grief: Sharing the valuable lessons learned about grief and healing from the perspective and interactions with my grandchildren.

Grieving as One, How Marriages Can Survive Child Loss: Offering strategies and guidance for couples to strengthen their bond and navigate the incredibly challenging journey of losing a child together.

Preparing for Life’s Sudden Impacts: A sermon providing insights and practical advice on how to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually brace oneself for unexpected and life-altering events.

Men Grieve Too: A candid discussion of how men experience and express grief, breaking down societal stereotypes and opening a dialogue for honest emotional expression.

Grandparent Grief: Exploring into the unique and often overlooked pain of grandparents who grieve the loss of a grandchild, offering support and understanding for this profound sorrow.

“This is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your heart for healing with us.” –Michelle

“Thank you Bradley! Such valuable and practical information.” –Edie

“This is great. Thank you so much. You have a gift and will help so many.” –Lisa

Signature Program and Training, The GRIEVE Method®

Are you feeling lost in the depths of grief, unsure of how to find your way back to the light?

Are you looking for support and guidance to help you care for the grieving community in a profound way?
I’ve walked that path—as a father, a grandfather, and a dedicated chaplain, I’ve faced the towering mountain of pain that seemed to block the future I desired for my family and myself. But through God’s grace, I found a way to navigate through that darkness, and I’ve since made it my mission to guide others through theirs. With nearly a decade of experience, I’ve crafted the GRIEVE method, a unique blend of practical and biblical wisdom that embraces the natural ebb and flow of healing.

A compassionate, biblically-rooted approach to overcoming grief without overwhelming theories or complex practices. Ideal for those seeking a genuine, heartfelt connection to healing, making the journey through loss a guided, empathetic, and truly personal experience.

“You are doing fantastic work. Schools do not know how to adequately care for grieving children.” –Danny

“Thank you for helping me to not be uncomfortable with others tears!” –Sanders

“God grieves with us. Thank you! I needed that reminder.” –Dee


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One-on-One Coaching: Navigating Loss Together

In the complex and often overwhelming journey of loss, you might find yourself facing life’s toughest challenge. Loss can flip your world upside down, leading to a domino effect of sorrow – from the loss of friendships and relationships to decreased productivity and a dwindling sense of hope and joy. You know what I’m talking about; it’s a daunting path, and sometimes, you need a guiding hand.

Though I’m not a licensed counselor, my experience with loss runs deep. I’ve been in the trenches of this journey, a path often misunderstood by those who haven’t walked it. In my role as a Chaplain and Minister, I’ve stood with many who’ve had to face life without their loved ones or cope with other significant losses. When I say, “I understand,” these words are not said lightly; they come from a place of personal anguish, especially resonant since the loss of my cherished granddaughter.

It’s crucial for you to recognize that YOU are the foremost authority on your own experience of trauma and grief. I am here to accompany you, offering insights and support to aid in your healing journey. Together, let’s move towards a brighter path.

Certifications and Credentials

* Mental Health First Aid
* AS+K? Basic Gatekeeper Certification
* Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
* Group Crisis Intervention
* Assisting Individuals in Crisis
* Seedlings Child Evangelism
* Act Personal Evangelism
* Facilitator, BetterHalves
* Facilitator, PREPARE/ENRICH
* Certified Leader, Marriage on the Rock
* John Maxwell© Independent Coach, Teacher & Speaker