Speaking from the heart as only a bereaved (grand)parent can — with full transparency and conviction of what it’s like to lose a piece of your heart, to grieve and to grow.

With candor, genuine compassion, and kindness, delivering insightful keynotes, closing general sessions, full-day training, and workshops that draw upon a wealth of research elevating audiences into believing they too have the capacity to move forward and live again.

** Specialized & Unique Topics designed for Conferences, Workshops & Seminars by request.

For Those on the Grief Journey

– Men Grieve Too, Just Different
– Grandparent Grief
– GriefCare group facilitation
– What Grief Has Taught Me
– What Do You Do When God Says ” NO ”
– What my grandchildren have taught me about grief
– Moral Injury & Forgiveness
– How marriages can survive child loss
– Preparing for Life’s Sudden Impacts

“This is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your heart for healing with us.” –Michelle

“Thank you Bradley! Such valuable and practical information.” –Edie

“This is great. Thank you so much. You have a gift and will help so many. Thanks for sharing.” –Lisa

For Those Walking with Grievers

– Re|Entry: Creating a Safe Landing Space for the Grieving

– Church Bereavement Ministry: Care Beyond the Funeral

– Moral Injury & Forgiveness
– Advocating for grieving children

– Resiliency for Caregivers (self care and compassion fatigue)
– Crisis Care preparation

“You are doing fantastic work. Schools do not know how to adequately care for grieving children.” –Danny

“Thank you for helping me to not be uncomfortable with others tears!” –Sanders

“God grieves with us. Thank you! I needed that reminder.” –Dee